Display Options

Whether you have a hard wall, a drop ceiling, a carpet wall, or just a tabletop, you can display our exhibits beautifully and start a conversation in your classroom or business.


The laminate versions of our exhibits look great on portable easels. We can check these out with your exhibit rental at no additional charge.

Step 1: Set up the easel. Place the exhibit panel on the easel arms.
Step 2: Peel back the velcro strip, keeping it attached at one end.
Step 3: Re-attach the velcro strip so it covers two legs of the easel.

When you return the exhibit, please make sure both sides of the velcro are attached to each panel, and every easel is placed back in its bag or folded and secured with a rubber band.

Drop Ceiling Hooks

If you have a drop ceiling, we can supply sturdy, impermanent hooks that snap on easily to the metal ceiling grid. These hooks can be used to display both the canvas and laminate versions of our exhibits.

Auditorium Curtains

We are always impressed by the ingenuity of our local educators. One teacher had the great idea to affix our exhibit panels to a stage curtain in the school auditorium with safety pins. This method will work for both our canvas and laminate formats.

Hard Walls

If you regularly check out our exhibits and are able to drill a few holes in a wall, you might consider installing screws for an easy display of both our canvas and laminate exhibits.

Soft/Carpet Walls

Both our canvas and laminate exhibit panels are light enough to attach to carpet walls using regular T-pins.