Diversity in Academics

Diversity Intensives

The Liberal Arts Core (LAC) program is intended to promote a curriculum at UNC Asheville that is "grounded in the principle that a liberating education—one that emphasizes humane values and promotes the free and rigorous pursuit of truth—creates good citizens, individuals who assume responsibility for their thoughts and actions and their impact on the world."  

This program includes courses labeled as Diversity Intensive (DI), which are determined to satisfy the following guidelines:

Student Learning Outcomes for Diversity Intensive Courses

  1. Students understand the socially constructed nature of identities.
  2. Students understand the significance of individuals’ differing relationships to power.
  3. Students understand how individuals, organizations, and institutions create, perpetuate, or challenge inequality.
  4. Students understand how multiple identities intersect.
  5. Students are better equipped to reevaluate their ideas about diversity and difference.