Diversity Organizations

For more information about the student diversity organizations listed below, please email [email protected].


Alliance is an organization dedicated to individuals at the university that identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersexed, and Straight Allies. Visit Alliance's Tumblr or request to join the Alliance Facebook group for updates and recent activity. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Asian Students in Asheville (ASIA)

ASIA represents the increasing population of Asian/Asian-American and Pacific Islander students here at UNC Asheville. The organization is to promote Asian/Asian-American awareness through social, cultural, and educational events. The presence of A.S.I.A. on campus is to help Asian/Asian-American students in their academic and social lives and to merge the gaps between Asian/Asian-American students and students of other cultures. We hope, by forming this group, to enrich the diversity programs on UNCA campus by a variety of activities we hold.  A.S.I.A. strives to bring to light the true diversity of cultures spanning the Asian continent. Membership is open to all UNC Asheville students.

Black Student Association

Biltmore Baptist Church at UNC Asheville is a contemporary Christian organization that exists to provide the UNC Asheville student community with a meaningful connection to the local church. We do this by reaching up in worship, reaching in through community, and reaching out through missions.


Our mission is to create a campus community based around our Anglican and Episcopal faith that honors questions, values openness, and is a safe place for all people. We aim to express our faith through community by being a presence in all aspects of campus life.

Catholic Campus Ministries

Catholic Campus Ministries is an organization that provides a community for students at UNC Asheville who would like to learn more about the Catholic faith or to expand on their own faith. This is done through trips to mass, Sunday brunch, community service, bible study, and weekly social gatherings. Please visit our website for more information.

CRU Ministries

CRU exists at UNC Asheville to give people a safe place to explore the spiritual side of life, with the goal of pointing people to love, hope, and forgiveness in the message of Christianity. CRU can be reached through their e-mail: [email protected].

Everyday People Imitating Christ (E.P.I.C)

Our mission is to imitate Christ's love on campus as we foster a community of faith through group bible discussions, individual study, and fellowship.

Feminist Collective

The Feminist Collective is an organization that functions as a safe space for all feminist identified people to interact and share ideas. We provide feminist programming for UNC Asheville’s campus and collaborate with many other student organizations to create change. We are committed to promoting community service and the exchange of ideas in order to progress change locally and globally. We acknowledge and celebrate the many different feminist identities that exist within our group and encourage others to open their mind to the many different feminisms that exist around the world. Everyone is welcome to join.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

We glorify God by giving every college student the opportunity to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ without having to come or go anywhere. We lead students to discipleship, teach and apply the principles of Christianity, connect college students into loving relationships with God and with others, and build a community that longs to make a positive impact on UNC Asheville and in Asheville through volunteering and service projects.

French Language & Culture Club

We exist as a club to provide support and encourage interest in French language, culture, and academics. We will assists the French tutors at UNC Asheville as well as provide an accessible social outlet to any interested student. The French Club can be reached at [email protected] or at their website.

German Club

As the German Club, our focus is on making German culture more accessible to all UNC Asheville students, as well as continuing to support the German section of the Foreign Language Department by offering "Mahlzeit," a forum for students to practice their spoken German. In addition to being an academic resource to students studying German, we will be actively raising awareness of the German influence on our local and global cultures throughout the use of films, speakers and other mediums. We hope to instill an appreciation for this culture.

Hermanos Orgullos en Las Americas (HOLA) - Proud Sisters and Brothers in the Americas

HOLA is an organization that connects students with the Latino community throughout Western North Carolina. HOLA organizes on-campus events and volunteer opportunities in the community. We also sponsor and support a number of Latino groups in the community including  TELASH, COLA, Nuestro Centro, and Defensa Comunitaria.  Visit their Facebook page to see the group's recent activities.

International Student Association

The International Student Association is a group of international and American students and staff who get together to explore the cultures of our diverse community and university. We participate in campus events and activities; sponsor musical events, foreign films, international fashion shows, and food samplings; and have fun!

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

An inter-denominational campus ministry seeking to provide Christian fellowship and promote spiritual well-being and growth among the community of the UNC Asheville campus.

Jewish Student Association (Hillel)

For Jewish and non-Jewish students who want to form a comfortable atmosphere for religious, cultural, and recreational activities. Aims to educate everyone about Judaism and the Jewish Civilization. Visit UNC Asheville Hillel's Facebook group for recent activities.

Model United Nations

The Purpose of the Model UN team is to allow students an opportunity to experience the importance of global citizenship and governance, as embodied by the United Nations. Students gain this experience through both an oral and a written perspective, and will attend at least on conference each semester where they will be representing any given nation. Members are given the opportunity to engage in in-depth research, position paper writing, debating, and moderating. During the conferences, students actively engage in committee proceedings and the drafting of mock UN resolutions. From this experience, students gain international awareness and an understanding of the importance of international cooperation in forming an global society among Member States.

Native American Student Association

NASA will provide support, socially and spiritually for Native American students at UNC Asheville, and promote an awareness of Native American culture within the campus community. NASA is dedicated to bridging diversities and providing a comfortable and supportive environment for UNV Asheville’s Native American students.

Pi Delta Phi (French Honors Society)

Recognizes outstanding scholarship in French language and literature. It works to increase knowledge of France’s contribution to world culture and to stimulate and encourage cultural activities, leading to deeper appreciation of France and the French world. Membership is by election, based on academic achievement in a minimum of five courses in French (including one in French literature).

Ratio Christi

The mission of Ratio Christi is to equip university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. The purpose for which the Ratio Christi, Inc. is organized is to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students at public and private institutions around the world, while sharing Christ's message and love with those who have not yet accepted Him. By situating apologetic clubs at universities nationally and internationally, Ratio Christi will take part in the battle for the mind by encouraging dialogue and stimulating discussion directed towards secularism and answering life's pressing questions.

Religious Education and Learning (REAL)

REAL serves as UNC Asheville's religious studies club. The purpose of REAL is to educate people about world religions. This organization seeks to accomplish this by serving as an educational resource for all nonmembers that are interested in learning about world religions and also by promoting learning among its members on a wide range of topics within the field of religious studies.

Secular Student Alliance

The UNC Asheville Secular Student Alliance’s purpose is to: 1) create a community to address and alleviate the isolation experienced by nontheists by cultivating a socially and intellectually engaging environment, 2) promote tolerance and understanding by addressing misconceptions, stereotypes, and discrimination against nontheists, and 3) advance the separation of church and state through community outreach and political activism.

Shades of Color

Shades of Color serves as a productive way to address campus issues and relieve student tension and stress. As the ifrst online newsletter to be structured for students of color, this publication aims not only to express the perspectives of these students but to also expand their cultural competencies and raise awareness of local, state, and federal matters. We aim to foster and develop unity amongst all students so that the challenges and obstacles presented when attempting to increase diversity can be promptly addressed and communicated in the entire UNC Asheville community, in hopes that more radical, immediate and effective change will be made.