Me2We MLK Youth Summit

The main event of Me2We is the annual 2-day youth leadership conference, which takes place in the summer. However, many of the organizers and participants of Me2We also take part in the annual Me2We MLK Youth Summit, which is held on the afternoon of MLK Day in January. 

The Me2We MLK Youth Summit is planned and facilitated by students from the City of Asheville Youth Leadership Academy (CAYLA), and offers high school students the opportunity to discuss timely issues facing their communities. Each year the MLK Youth Summit Agenda includes relationship building across diverse community organizations, small group discussion of social issues that affect youth, and co-creating an Action Plan with the goal of enacting real social change from within.

Me2We is proud to partner with CAYLA, the MLK Association of Asheville and Buncombe County, CoThinkk, the UNC Asheville Center for Diversity Education, and AVID of Asheville High School/SILSA to lift up the voices of youth, promote peer to peer leadership, and build bridges across diverse community organizations.