Road Shows


Our calendars for ALL Road Shows are FULL!

Road Shows

Road Shows are interactive presentations desgined to introduce students to global cultural traditions and their connections to Western North Carolina. Educators bring artifacts, music, food, and stories to create a "field trip" within the classroom. Teachers are provided with a guide containing online resources, book recommendations, and activities to support the presentation. 

General Information

  • The cost is $2.25 per child. The fee covers the cost of food, gas, staff, etc.

  • Each session, which is held with an individual class, lasts about 30–45 minutes (increasing with the students' ages).
  • Up to 3 holidays are addressed in each session. Teachers are encouraged to come to a consensus about holiday choices.
  • The display of artifacts is set up in one location with classes rotating throughout the day.
  • Schools may schedule between 2–6 sessions per day.
  • A minimum of 60 students total must participate in order to book road show presentations.
  • Email [email protected] or call 828.232.5024 with any questions.

Read more about Seasons of Gratitude, Festivals of Light, and Good Fortune below, and reserve a road show for your school.

Seasons of Gratitude: Harvest Festivals Around the World

Our calendar for Seasons of Gratitude is FULL!

Dates for Seasons of Gratitude

November 1-18, 2016

Seasons of Gratitude Teacher Packet 2016

Learn more about the Seasons of Gratitude festivals by visiting these web sites:

Cherokee Nation- Green Corn Festival
Yam Festival in Ghana and Nigeria
Go Israel: Sukkot
Pongal Festival India
Day of the Dead in Mexico
Chinese Moon Festival

Festivals of Light: People with Many Flames

Our calendar for Festivals of Light is FULL!

Dates for Festivals of Light

December 1-20, 2016

Festivals of Light Teacher Packet 2016

Learn more about the Festivals of Lights holidays by visiting these web sites:

Christmas/New Year in Russia
Las Posadas
Moravian Lovefeast
Christmas in Greece
Inti Raymi
St. Lucia Day
The German Advent
Chinese New Year

Good Fortune: The Asian New Year

Our calendar for Good Fortune is FULL!

Dates for Good Fortune

January 25 - February 14, 2017

Good Fortune Teacher Packet 2016

Learn more about the various Asian New Year celebrations by visiting these web sites:

Korean New Year
Vietnamese New Year
Chinese New Year
Laotian New Year

What Teachers Say About Road Shows

​"The Festivals of Light road show makes it easy and affordable for educators to expose their students to a variety of cultural traditions. This is critical if we are going to help students develop into respectful and knowledgeable global citizens.​"

"This program feeds into our students’ natural curiosity about other cultures. Our CDE presenter had great artifacts, visuals and movement activities to bring winter traditions from around the world to life. In our increasingly global society, exposure to different cultures and the development of appropriate attitudes and skills for interaction with others is so important to our students!"

"This is a fabulous interactive fieldtrip that travels with yummy treats and exciting new vocabulary."

"These programs have opened my students’ eyes to the rest of the world in a way that is difficult to do in my everyday classroom."

"Excellent presenter that kept my children engaged in new learning."

"We love having your program each year. We learn something new each time."

"This program is a great way to bring another culture right into your classroom, and the students are so engaged in the customs/celebrations of other places!"

"This was such a wonderful experience for our students.  I loved listening to their reactions about differences in our culture and the cultures they learned about.  It helps them get a little peek into our huge world!"

"These programs do an excellent job of bringing other cultures right to us.  It is done in an engaging, enthusiastic manner and paced to cover a tremendous amount of information in a memorable way!"

"Watching the children try foods of other cultures and ask good questions-totally absorbed-can’t teach a lesson any better!"